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【送料無料・単価1055円・10セット】リヒトラブ SMART クリヤーケース F7575-4 A4 オレンジ(10セット) FIT-クリアケース・クリアファイル


【サイズ幅・奥行・高さ】350mm × mm × 250mm

A clear case using the cloth of コーデュラ superior in the durability.
The wide open type that the drawspan greatly opens and is easy to take out
I can confirm what you put as the surface is transparent vinyl immediately. The thing which do not want to show to a fastener pocket of the back side.
I can hang it in removable one with a ring.

[size width, depth, height] 350mm X mm *250mm
[drawspan] Wide open type to greatly open
[the body surface] window processing to see the contents
[the body back] with fastener pocket
[materials] Body / polyester, window part / vinyl
[body weight] 135 g。

三菱マテリアル DNMG150608-MS UE6110 M級ダイヤコート COAT 10個 DNMG150608MSUE6110 【キャンセル不可】 一覧はこちら