Block Preparedness


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About the Program

    Introduction to the Block Preparedness Coordinator Program

    Block Coordinator Program printable brochure

    What is a Block Coordinator?

    Role of a Block Coordinator

    Role of a Neighborhood Coordinator

    What to Do As an NPC

    Requirements to Become a NPC/BPC

    Liability Issues for Community Volunteers


    BPC Training Course Descriptions

    BPC Communications Training Course


    List of Neighborhood Preparedness Coordinators

    BPC Manual

    Palo Alto Neighborhood FRS Channels

    OK / HELP Signs (OK / HELP Sign Instructions)

    Disaster Assessment Presentation

    Damage Assessment Form

    Dakota Alert MURS Two-Way Base Station M538-BS User Manual)

Organizing Your Neighborhood

    4 Reasons to Get to Know Your Neighbors

    How to Organize a Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Meeting

    Neighbors Creating Connections: Meeting Your Neighbors

    Neighbor Data Collection

    Key Brochures/Materials For Residents

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