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What to Do BEFORE Disaster Strikes        Are You a Business Owner?        Additional Information [CONNECT LINKS]

Palo Alto Information

    Winter Preparedness Tips

    Winter Storm Tips

    Sandbag Locations Map [BROKEN LINK]

    Deaf Resident Registry [BROKEN LINK]

Deaf residents may use this form to register TDD and/or fax lines
with the City of Palo Alto Fire Department

    Terrorism Information [BROKEN LINK]

Be Prepared: What to do BEFORE Disaster Strikes

See also Emergency Supplies and Additional Information [CONNECT LINK]

    Are You Prepared for 72 Hours?

    Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety

    52 Weeks to Being Emergency Prepared

    Prepare for All Disaster Types (Red Cross)

    Your Family Disaster Plan

    Create Your Own Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide

    Disaster Services: Your Evacuation Plan

    Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit

    Food and Water in an Emergency

    Are You Ready for an Earthquake?  a Flood?  a Fire[CONNECT LINKS]

    Don’t Forget Your Pets!

    Disaster Preparedness for Seniors

    Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities

    Tips for Seniors and People with Disabilities

    Preparing Your Computer for a Disaster

Are You a Business Owner?

    Disaster Planning Is a Process, Not an End Product [BROKEN LINK]

    Emergency Disaster Plan for Small/Mid-Sized Businesses [BROKEN LINK]

    How Can I Prepare My Small Business for Disaster? [BROKEN LINK]

    Planning Can Cut Disaster Recovery Time, Expense [BROKEN LINK]

    Plan to Stay in Business

Additional Information

    Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (printable)

    Create Your Own Emergency Financial First Aid Kit

    Red Cross Safe and Well Website

If you have been affected by a disaster, this website provides a way for you
to register yourself as “safe and well.”

    Recovering from Disaster


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