Alma Plaza


2007 Alma Plaza Meetings

March 8 Planning Commission Meeting

Staff Report thru Attachment H

Land Use and Development Parameters for Planned Community Ordinance
Applicant’s Development Program Statement and Project Description
Key Considerations/Policy Implications Matrix
Project Background
Zoning Compliance Table

Attachments H & I:

PTC & Council 2006 Stdy Sessions minutes

Attachments J & K:

Applicant’s LEED & Green Building Checklist & “Brief History of Alma Plaza”

Attachment L (Part A and Part B: Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

Attachment M: Letters


Friends of Alma Plaza Documents

  Arguments in Favor of Retaining Neighborhood-Serving Retail Shopping

     as the Primary Use of Alma Plaza

  Sign the Online Petition to Keep Alma Plaza as Primarily Retail

What is a Planned Community district?

City of Palo Alto: Standards for BMR Units [BROKEN LINK]

2006 Alma Plaza Study Sessions

CMR and Attachment for May 1 Council Study Session
Staff Report for April 26 Planning Commission Study Session


Letters Sent and Comments Read to Planning Commission
  Sheri Furman Letter  Comments (Midtown resident)
  Jay Hammer Letter (Midtown resident)
  Jeff Greenfield Comments (Midtown resident)
  Doug Moran Letter (Barron Park resident)
  Len Fillpu Comments (Fairmeadow resident)
  Deborah Ju Letter (Charleson Meadows resident)
  Jean Olmstead Letter (Charleson Meadows resident)
  Smita Joshi & Pam Radin Letter (Palo Verde residents)