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Palo Alto Ready

Palo Alto Ready is a website with emergency preparedness information for young and old (check out our Families section), rich and poor (see Small Spaces, Tight Budgets or Too Busy in our Are You Ready? section), and everyone in between.

We have links to emergency preparedness information for Businesses, Faith Based and Community Based Organizations, Schools and Libraries in our Community Partners page.

Find out what specific hazards our City faces and how you can prepare for them in our Threats and Hazards section. Please note the new link to information about the pandemic at 

Check out some City resources in the City of Palo Alto Emergency Services section.  One of those resources is a robust Emergency Services Volunteers program which includes ham radio operators, Block Preparedness Coordinators (BPC), Neighborhood Preparedness Coordinators (NPCs), and the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers.  Join us!

Find our most recommended apps for emergencies and access over 1000 disaster preparedness, response and recovery videos in our Other Resources page.

And last but not least, learn about Upcoming Events that help you get  prepared and ready for the threats and  hazards we may face in Palo Alto.

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