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Small Spaces, Tight Budget or Too Busy

With space at a premium in the Bay Area, we’ve had people tell us they have no room to store emergency supplies.    Others have told us they are on a very tight budget or, don’t have time to prepare.

We hear you and we have some resources for you.  Check out all the ingenious ways people have found to store supplies in small spaces – you’re sure to find one or more ideas that work for you.

For those of us that are thrifty or financially challenged, FEMA tells us that emergency preparedness does not need to be expensive and created this downloadable tipsheet. Find some more useful money-saving tips here.  And don’t forget to attend safety fairs.  In addition to lots of free information you might pick up a few free goodies such as small emergency lights, whistles, safety putty, etc.

And then there are some of us that just don’t have time to prepare.  For you one of our wonderful volunteers did the research and created a webpage that gets your basic 3-day emergency kit ordered in less than 30 minutes.

With all these available resources, let’s all be ready to care for ourselves and our families after a disaster.