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“A Look at the Impact of New Housing on Palo Alto’s Infrastructure, Services, and Schools”
Held September 19, 2006 — Sponsored by League of Women Voters
Steve Emslie, Director of the City of Palo Alto Planning & Transportation Department &
Mary Francis Callan, Superintendent of the Palo Alto Unified School District
  Notes from meeting


“What Will the Housing Boom Cost Us — A Question of Balance”
Held September 29, 2005 — Announcement
  Fact Sheets: About Palo Alto  |  Schools (available soon)
  Opening Remarks by forum chair Sheri Furman
  Transcript (available soon)  |  Development List


Forum on Retail Services in Palo Alto
Held July 31, 2003 — Announcement  [BROKEN LINK]
  Retail Survey Results
  Comments and Questions
  Retail Forum Closing Comments