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Thursday, September 22, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
Moderated by former City Council Member Hillary Freeman.

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Latest Advocacy – PAN Letter on Objective Standards – here – 9/27/21

Upzoning hurts housing prospects.

PAN’s Letter of January 14 to Council

About PAN – Founded in 1998, PAN is a networking organization connecting neighbors and neighborhoods. PAN members formed a core group of the city’s first emergency volunteers and assisted in the founding of a separate department for Palo Alto’s emergency services. Today PAN members are still a vital part of grassroots organizing for emergency preparedness. Plus PAN amplifies the voices of residents at City Hall.  PAN’s goal is to look at broad brushstroke issues affecting multiple or all neighborhoods in Palo Alto. Residents elect the leaders. Shouldn’t we have a say in how the city is run? Want to learn more? Contact co-chair Becky Sanders  (