Are You Ready for An Earthquake?

When it comes to earthquakes, there are simple things you can do to improve your chances of survival and recovery. Anything you do today will be like making a deposit in your survivability savings account for withdrawal in tough times.  At a minimum, you should be prepared to be isolated and on your own for at least three days and nights. There will likely be the loss of utilities after a disaster. It is possible the power will be out, water may be scarce, gas lines may break, phones and cell towers could become inoperable, roads might be impassible, etc.  Your only source of news may well be the car radio, assuming your local radio station has a working generator. There might not be medical assistance for days.

To begin preparing your home and family:

  1. Identify potential hazards in your home and begin to fix them.
  2. Create a disaster-preparedness plan.
  3. Create disaster kits.
  4. Identify your building’s potential weaknesses and begin to fix them.
  5. Protect yourself during earthquake shaking.
  6. After the quake, check for injuries and damage.
  7. When safe, continue to follow your disaster-preparedness plan.

Prepare Your House