aThreats and Hazards

Threats and Hazards

From nature’s wrath to human error or mischief, hazards exist throughout the world and the City of Palo Alto is no exception. While we cannot prevent all hazards from occurring, we can be aware and prepare for them, to minimize their impacts on our lives.
The threats and hazards of highest concern in Palo Alto are earthquake, fires, floods, pandemics, hazardous waste spill, and cyberattacks.
While having a kit and making a plan cover about 80% of most disasters, it is necessary to be well informed (cheatsheet: download FEMA’s app) to know what to do before, during and after a specific disaster.  The links to the right cover those threats and hazards of most concern to us.  You can find information on other threats that you may encounter when traveling, for example, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. at
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