Palo Alto Medical Response Unit Qualifications

Medical Response Unit

Skills and Qualifications

MRU Volunteer Skills and Qualifications

Both licensed healthcare professionals and lay support volunteers are essential to the optimal functioning of the Medical Response Unit.

Some examples of the types of volunteers needed include but are not limited to:


_ Physician _ Chiropractor _ Translator
_ Nurse/Nurse Practitioner _ Midwife _ Food preparation
_ Physician Assistant _ Pastor _ Runner
_ Mental Health professional _ Comforter _ Logistics Manager
_ Paramedic _ Certified Nursing Assistant _ Transport staff
_ Emergency Medical Technicians _ Massage therapist _ Scribe
_ Physical/Occupational Therapist

_ Dentist

_ Communications operator _ “Victim” (for Drill)

Healthcare professionals must provide verification of medical credentials at time of registration and orientation

Lay support volunteers are required to attend orientation courses and participate in drills if available.