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Community Partners:

Businesses, Community Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Schools and Libraries

Palo Alto is lucky to have numerous community partners that are engaged in improving the daily life of its residents. These include faith-based organizations, businesses, libraries, schools and community based organizations. All contribute to Palo Alto’s vibrancy and resilience. As has happened in other communities, we expect that if they are not impacted, our community partners will step up and expand their services to our community after a disaster.

Most of our community partners including community based organizations such as Avenidas, the Second Harvest Food Bank, the LifeMoves Opportunity Services Center, Project Safety Net, Racing Hearts, YCS, Neighbors Helping Neighbors and the Y support the physical, mental or emotional well being of residents on a day to day basis. After a disaster the need for their help will be greater.

The mission for other community partners such as CADRE, the American Red Cross and Creative Crisis Leadership is to help us prepare for and respond to disasters.

As our Director of Emergency Services, Ken Dueker, often says, “We all have a role to play in disasters”. This applies to organizations as well as to individuals.  Organizations of all kinds need to be ready to respond to and recover from disasters in order to help our community.

Community partners can check for specific emergency operations plan templates, continuity templates and emergency planning tabletop exercises in the links to the right.

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