aSuggested Activities for Getting to Know Your Neighbors

                            Suggested Activities!!
4th of July
• Who can trace their family origins back the farthest.
• Who is the newest “American.”?
• Play charades using American heroes.
• Include a cake decorated with the American Flag.
• Play patriotic music.
Neighborhood History
• Research through the library, and the museum of local history of your neighborhood.
• Identify any special people that lived in your area such as the longest resident, politician, artist, eccentric, hero, etc. Have party goers guess who, what, where through charades and other games.
Cultural Connections
• Have everyone bring his or her favorite family dish.
• Teach everyone how to say three things in another language.
• Use a map to indicate where everyone originally came from.
• Record the story of how everyone came to live in the neighborhood
and what he or she likes best about it.
Neighborhood Action
• Discuss what issues/concerns people may have (keep this to a
predetermined time: remember, a block party should be fun).
• Establish teams to explore how to resolve the concerns.
• Have a clean-up time.
• Build a bench, plant a garden, and paint street numbers, etc. as part
of the block party activities.