aHow to Organize

                        Suggestions on Organizing


  1. Gather a few neighbors and divide up the tasks. Decide on a possible
    theme, activities, etc. Decide what to do about food.
  2. Start knocking on doors to find out if there is enough interest and, if
    so, which day would be the best for the most people
  3. Pick a date and time (mid-afternoon to evening works best). Respect
    neighborhood quietness after 9:00 pm. Think of an alternate plan in
    case of poor weather.
  4. Go door to door.
    • Hand out invitations (use the one included in this guide or create
    your own).
    • If you plan to close off the street., you will need to complete
    Block Party application form with a signature and deliver it or
    mail it to the Palo Alto Police Department, Attention: Code
    Enforcement Officer, 275 Forest Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301 or
    fax it to (650) 329-2565,
    • Recruit volunteers to help with the planning.
  5. Decide if this will be a block party restricted to those on the
    street/block or will people be able to invite friends/relatives (if yes,
    how many). Make this clear in your flyer/invitation.